I have Christmas traditions that I do every year.  Every year my family and I go to a tree farm called Fernridge and they have all the best trees, it takes a while to find the perfect one but when we do that's when the fun begins. My brother and I always chop down the tree and carry it out to the lot all by ourselves, then when we've got the tree we always go into this little barn with a concession stand where we always get a couple hot dogs and hot chocolate. Another tradition we have is this hand crafted wooden advent calender that is a tree ad in each little door there is a decoration and there are little hooks so you can hang them on it. We also have a Christmas party every year with all my family members so it's a pretty big party but its always so much fun. I love my traditions because they remind me of how much my family loves me and that's how traditions were made, they were actions to bring a family together.

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