This year has been alot about change so I reflected on it through an animoto

Hi I'm Artemis Fowl and welcome to my learning adventure, where I share my learning to the world. This site will be where I post all my projects and assignments in one place so at the end of the year you and I will see how I've changed from my first day of being in grade 6. since this page is called about me here's some stuff about me. I like pretty much anything that keeps me active and in shape. I'm also very committed to music in the fact that I play and listen to it everyday. I really love it because it's a good way to express yourself. I bet you wonder why I chose this specific character. Artemis Fowl is a twelve year old boy who has delved into the mystical world of fairies and goblins to seek riches. He is a cunning fellow in the way that he outsmarted an entire squad of 300 year old fairies. I highly recommend the book he stars in which I cam reading right now. My name is Artemis Fowl, I live in surrey B.C. Canada and I hope you like my website and find it interesting. 

    My dream guitar


    Hi I'm Artemis Fowl, I love to bmx, skateboard, snowboard, play the guitar, and play hockey. I've been envolved in music for most of my life and I can play 6 instruments

    My dream bike


    June 2013
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