Today I was doing visualizations in class.We had to draw something from the book that has meaning to you and I drew a collar and chain that one of the characters was wearing and I visualized this “As you look around the ring you see Mac and Ruby working endlessly  to complete one of Stella’s old tricks. The smell of sawdust fills your nose and exhaustion is in the air as Ruby finally drops to her knees with chain around her neck since the beginning Mac starts to tell her to get up but it didn’t work so tried it again and still nothing.Now Mac is starting to get mad so he heads back to his office and comes out with something that looks like a giant fish hook on a stick and a second later everyone remembers what it is...A clawstick, something so sharp that it can pierce an elephants hide. He swings it just inches above Ruby,s head to threaten her but she still doesn’t move so Mac calls it a night ( finally ) and Ruby is put back in her cage. That is the end of my visualization and just remember I got that from a picture.
Mrs. Middleton
10/21/2012 9:11am

Great example of how visualization has helped you gain a better understanding of the novel, The One and Only Ivan. Masterchief. It would be great to see a picture of this image from your reading journal to show what you drew as you listened.


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