I can create a research based project which shows an in-depth  understanding of an ancient civilization.

This was a very fun project because of all the new info I learned. Did you know the ancient Egyptians created the first boats, and the first door lock. Pretty amazing stuff. I also made a model to show a little bit about the environment of Egypt, it also has pyramids to show how good archetics they were. Overall it was really fun.

Recently in the class we've been learning about our own culture so we all made presentations about it. I'm from Finland and if you don't know where that is it's in between Sweden and Holland, but anyway I learned a lot about my culture because i didn't really know anything about where I came from except for where it was. It was all really interesting like what foods they eat like this pastry called the Karlien pie. It's pretty much a hollowed out rye bun filled with rice and tomato sauce. I also learned that Finnish people wear traditional clothes for their almost 30 celebrations.

        It was a little frustrating to find reliable websites to take notes from but I managed pretty well. This was so fun, and you can see my prezi all about it by clicking here.

LI - I can demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of my culture.



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