To this day

 by Shane Koyczan

       Today we watched a video by the famous Canadian poet Shane Koyczan. It was about the horrible thing we call bullying. It was very powerful and had many quotes that have made a major impact on me.


          Right away I connected to this clip because I have seen it happen to my friends and it’s even happened to myself.  trust me bullying isn’t a good thing. It is a horrible thing that can break someone’s spirit with just one word. They say names don’t hurt as much as broken bones. well, they’re wrong. One word can lead to more words and more hurt and possibly drive people to kill themselves. people may feel they will never find love, that they will have no one to look out for them and that they are a useless waist of space. Don’t tell me that doesn’t hurt more than a broken bone.


         I have felt that way many times from bullies and so have my friends but you have to keep moving. Put a cast on your broken heart, and believe that they are wrong, believe that you have potential when no one else thinks so. Believe that what they say isn’t true because it isn’t. When you feel like the whole world is against you, you keep moving and believe in yourself because that is what drives you. Ignore what they say because the only opinion that matters is your own.


      I have this favorite qoute that I got from the clip and it has a very powerful meaning to me

“If you don’t see anything beautiful about yourself get a better mirror, look a little closer, stare a little longer because there is something inside you to keep going even when everyone told you to quite.” That is my favorite qoute and that will stick with me forever.

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