Today I had a volleyball game against a couple other schools. I am really good at my overhand serves and my spikes. My second game we played me my friend and I made the best play ever. He went for the ball and volleyed it up to me, I volley it to my teammate behind me, he bumps it up to my friend and he volleys it up to me for the spike. After we did and got the point it ended up being the game winning one and that was even better. Volleyball is so fun so if you have the chance to join a team don't let the opportunity pass by.


11/25/2012 12:58pm

Hey that does sound like fun, looks like you had a really great experience, good for you. I wish I had enough courage to join any team that passes me by, so far I let 2 sport teams pass, but I think I might join basketball like last year, if we have a basketball team which we probably do. Anyways sounds like you're really determined to have fun and play different kinds of sports. I'm just wondering whether you're gonna join every team our school throws at us, are you?


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