Yesterday I went to castle fun park for an end of term celebration. It was really fun especially when I wet mini golfing with Motop and Adidas in the coral sea course. It was like we were under water with all the fish hanging from the ceiling and the different holes. We even had to putt inside an Octopus. After our adventure under the sea we went to the go kart track which was even more fun because I was drifting on all the turns even though I wasn't supposed to. Then from there we went to the bumper cars which wasn't very good for my neck. Unfortunately someone stole the ten bucks out of my pocket so I only got to play two games and I ended up watching everyone else have fun, either than that it was fun. If you've ever been to castle fun park post in the comments and tell me how your trip was.


Mrs. Middleton
12/16/2012 12:23pm

I, too, enjoy Castle Fun Park. I have taken my own sons there many many times. We always play mini golf and as soon as they became old enough they would jump into the go-karts. My favorite part of going to CFP is the mini golf. All three courses are so much fun to play.


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