This weekend I had a tournament in Nanaimo B.C. which is on Vancouver Island so my team and I had to take a ferry. I mostly spent my time playing a racing but I didn't spend any money because our goalie had twenty dollars of toonies; so we played thirteen games(which was a record for games played) and I beat him in every race. When we got to the island we drove to a best western about twenty minutes form the port moody ferry docks and it was pretty good too. We had two games that day and we won them both which is good because it got us to the finals. The next day we had four games, the first was just a normal game, but the next was the quarter finals and we won that so the next game was the semi finals. The semi finals was easy because we won 9-0, but then we got to the finals. That was the most challenging game I've ever played. It was against a team from north Vancouver and they were really good but at the end of the game we won 5-3 and when the last buzzer went it was like the 2010 winter Olympics when we through up our gloves and crouded our finishing goalie because we have two in the corner and it was the first first tournament that my coach has won w


Mrs. Middleton
12/04/2012 6:26am

Congratulations on the win. What an amazing weekend for you, but very exhausting as well. I can imagine being in the stands watching you all play, and hoping that you would win that final game. As parent it is so nerve wracking so I can only imagine the jitters you must have felt.

12/04/2012 6:04pm

Congrats Mastercheif1257 on the big win! I like how you said that it was like the olympics and BTW my grade 4 teachers baby was born at almost the exact same time! Cool huh?

12/06/2012 8:29am

That is pretty cool Parkbom

12/04/2012 6:45pm

Great job on the finals Mastercheif! I thought your journal was quite interesting. I like when the buzzer went you said it was like the 2O1O winter olympics. Good entry.


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