Millions of bags of candy, jackal lantern, and scary zombie babies that my mom hates, those are just some of the things that come with halloween. This year I dressed up as james bond because I was a little desperate because my spandex suit ripped right down the right leg. I was out in the rain with my friends for an hour and a half but it was so fun. Tell me how you spent your halloween in the comments and mabye we can relate. :)


joob joob
11/05/2012 8:55am

spent from 7 till 9 and my mask broke lol

11/05/2012 9:03am

What was the best part of your night?

12/06/2012 8:34am

I think it was when Skywalker and I played a prank at Tim Hortons but we almost got caught by the cops.


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