My class does this thing called the 100 word challenge. What this is is a website with a prompt for a story. You have to write a story based on the prompt, but there's a twist. The story can only be 100 words which when you look at it is only a small paragraph. This means you have to focus only on one thing and then jam pack a bunch of description into that scenario. Hundreds of kids around the world post stories and certain people choose the 10 best and showcase them where everyone can see them. These are 2 of the best stories that I wrote with the 100 word challenge.

Sprinting through the trenches, my head pivots to cries of agony. Looking down, I was surprised to see Pvt. Fraser laying on the blood soaked earth. His legs have been blown off by a mortar or grenade and he’s in extreme pain. I heave him onto my shoulders and head for H.Q. Explosions left and right that almost toss me into the mud but they can’t stop me; I’m too determined to save my friend. After several gut wrenching seconds running the forest  I explode through the tree’s into base-camp. After moments of shock everyone rushes to help us, they lift Fraser onto a stretcher and take him away.

My head was to the ground listening for something as small as a bunny to make a sound so I can pounce, but I hear nothing. Glancing around I am confused. Suddenly a bull elk the size of a buffalo explodes through the bush to my left. It doesn’t take me to long to realize what had happened, and like nothing proceeded I quickly chase after. Twigs and long grass, grazing my fuzzy feline face while I run. Then suddenly the sky got darker. All I see is a flash of light in front of me and then I discover I have myself a free meal


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    October 2013