We had to do lots of blogging on the website. Each book has a seperate page for us to have conversations. We ask questions that start a conversation that can lead to many more interesting things. We connect, question each other and figure things out together.

L.I. - I can write a powerful response that asks questions, makes connections and uses evidence from the novel to support my ideas.

Venn Diagram:
-L.I.- I can compare characters and their traits showing and understanding of who they are.

In this we took two characters from the story then compare them. I used the main character Hannah, and her friend Rivka.




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In class we read a very meaningful book called Forbidden City. This story was about the Ti an a Mien square massacre in Beijing. If you don't know what that is you can always search it up, but anyway Mrs. Middleton had us do a "mini" essay about heroism in the book. Here is mine.

What is a hero? A hero is someone who can and will sacrifice themselves for others. The firemen that risked their lives to save the civilians from 9,11 catastrophe, or the police officers that endanger themselves to ensure a criminal is caught so everyone can be safe.These people really show me heroism because of the brave things they do. Another hero is my Dad. He might not save lives by jumping into burning buildings, but he does sacrifice his time to work which keeps a roof over my head and food on the table. He might yell at us if we’ve done something dangerous but that’s how he protects us from getting hurt. My Dad loves my brother and I unconditionally,and he is really humble. This makes him greater than any super hero, because he’s my hero.

In Forbidden City there were many heroes but two stood out the most for me. These people were Xin hua and Lao xu. I picked them because they both sacrificed themselves to stop the P.L.A. Here is a quote on page 137 that shows Lao xu’s selflessness by trying to stop the mechanical soldiers. ‘Suddenly Lao xu burst from the curb into the street, running towards the soldiers just as they started  to move forward again.  He raised his hands in the air as if he could hold them back. Inspite of the noise I could hear his yelling. “Are you insane? what are you doing? Stop shooting!” “ Lao xu! Stop!” I screamed as a soldier raised his AK-47. CRACK!’ This is when Lao xu sacrificed himself to try and stop the PLA; this showed me why he was a hero.

Xin Hua is also a hero because she saved hundreds of students with her team, and she  had compassion for people she didn’t even know. Like in this quote on page 215’ A young guy in a yellow T-shirt with SPORT GAME written on it was cycling towards us. A bulging white plastic bag hung from the handlebars. When he was opposite the gate he yelled to the soldiers and flashed a “V” sign at them, the sign lots of students used in Tian An Men Square. One of the troops shouted back. Just as our che drew opposite the soldiers---one of them brought his AK 47 to his shoulder in a lightning move. The barrel jumped as flames shot out and a fraction of an instant later the wicked crack-crack-crack-crack deafened me. The man slammed to te ground. Looking at the mans blood soaked shirt Xin hau started to cry. Xin hua also went on a journey to the airport so Alex could escape the massacre and show the tapes to the world. The plan worked but not without the cost of Xin hua's life. In this next quote on page 233 it showed me and will certainly show you heroism. ‘ I took a limping step towards the soldier. “Please” I pleaded “ please don’t hurt her. Let her go . Please!” “Go! Kuai” quickly” I tried to calm my voice. Maybe I can get to him if I sound more reasonable. “Look is there anyone here who speaks english?” I asked. I heard a car pull up behind me as I tried again. “Please let me talk to a commanding officer. I just want to--- CRACK! the sound of a single gunshot. I turned to look into the tree’s where they had taken Xin hua.” This quote shows how selfless Xin hua was and why that made her a hero.

This book was very powerful and packed with a multitude of feelings from excitement to being stricken with extreme terror. I really liked this book and I hope we read another book as meaningful as this one.

This is an poem where each sentence starts with a word that starts with one of the letters in the word Christmas. This project pushed me to relate about my Christmas and put that in the poem. I really enjoyed this poem and I can't wait till I do my next.

My class does this thing called the 100 word challenge. What this is is a website with a prompt for a story. You have to write a story based on the prompt, but there's a twist. The story can only be 100 words which when you look at it is only a small paragraph. This means you have to focus only on one thing and then jam pack a bunch of description into that scenario. Hundreds of kids around the world post stories and certain people choose the 10 best and showcase them where everyone can see them. These are 2 of the best stories that I wrote with the 100 word challenge.

Sprinting through the trenches, my head pivots to cries of agony. Looking down, I was surprised to see Pvt. Fraser laying on the blood soaked earth. His legs have been blown off by a mortar or grenade and he’s in extreme pain. I heave him onto my shoulders and head for H.Q. Explosions left and right that almost toss me into the mud but they can’t stop me; I’m too determined to save my friend. After several gut wrenching seconds running the forest  I explode through the tree’s into base-camp. After moments of shock everyone rushes to help us, they lift Fraser onto a stretcher and take him away.

My head was to the ground listening for something as small as a bunny to make a sound so I can pounce, but I hear nothing. Glancing around I am confused. Suddenly a bull elk the size of a buffalo explodes through the bush to my left. It doesn’t take me to long to realize what had happened, and like nothing proceeded I quickly chase after. Twigs and long grass, grazing my fuzzy feline face while I run. Then suddenly the sky got darker. All I see is a flash of light in front of me and then I discover I have myself a free meal
This is a poem  that is supposed to describe me. Everyone in my class made one and they are all amazing. You can check all of them out by clicking here

L.I.  I can create a poem that follows a specific form and uses creative descriptive language to describe who I am.

What I learned: I learned that the thesaurus is an essential tool to creating an amazing poem or piece of writing. 



    Write something about yourself. No need to be fancy, just an overview.


    October 2013