I drew Popeye the sailor man because I've always liked the show and because he is really fun to draw. it's actually really easy to blowup a small image into a big one. Here are the steps to making such cool art.
1) Print off your cartoon
2)Make a 1 cm square grid over picture
3)Put ABC.... and 123... kinda like battleship
4) Get a big piece of paper
5)Make a 4 cm square grid
6)copy everything from the small peice of paper onto the big one
7)Erase grid lines

The learning intention for this project is I can create images using a variety of materials, technologies and processes.
I went from a small piece of paper            to a giant one to blow up the image
This is my onomatopoeia art of the word choo-choo.

Learning Intention: I can create an image using correct per portions in the style of Picasso.
What I learned: I learned how to correctly draw a face and that abstract art is fun to observe.