Learning intention: I can create an image using specific visual elements including balance and space. 

This was very creative and fun, I also learned how to set and grout tile

My first attempt at perspective art
My self assessment
My second attempt of perspective art after feedback
Learning Intention
  • I can create a 2D linear perspective image using vanishing point strategy.
  • I can use criteria for self assessment to improve my learning.

This art project was very fun and helped me be creative. I think the peer and self assessment really helped me make my art better the second time and I had lots of fun. My and Tingrin both did a pier but they looked very different and awesome.
This her is a dream board. A dream is a board filled with a bunch of stuff that inspires you. For example yo can put quotes and picture or even certain words that have great meaning to you. I really enjoyed creating mine because it is a very good way of expressing creativity.

At our school every second year the grade 6 and 7's get to sculpt something out of a rock called soapstone. The reason they call it this is because it's so soft; so soft that your finger nail is stronger than it. I made a seal sitting on a rock for my carving and it took a lot of time and effort. There is 5 steps. The carving, steal wool, sandpaper, waxing and buffing. It was so much fun and I bet everyone else felt the same way.

Learning Intention: I can create an image using specific visual elements including balance and space.

I really liked the way that I did my letter art. It was also a good way for the class to express their "inner art." Would you like to do this.



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    October 2013